Choose Light

Choose Light

December 10, 2020

Imagine walking into a gymnasium.  Maybe it’s the one at the high school you attended.  It’s a large, empty space with no windows. 

No light. 

No glimpses of light. 

Complete darkness. 

Until you light a candle.

The moment the flame ignites, everything changes.  You can see.  Maybe you can’t see everything, but the light from that tiny flicker provides enough light for you to see without stumbling.  It allows you to move about the room and observe its characteristics.  You become aware of the space.  You are able to make choices.  Light gets rid of the darkness.  Light illuminates truth and inspires hope.  Light changes everything.

Over the past few months, I have been struck by how many times I have heard the word “darkness” to describe the times in which we live, or worse, the upcoming holiday season and winter.  These days are assumed to be awful to endure.  What’s most disturbing, is the fact that these people talk about this time of “darkness” as if we must surrender to its coming, powerless to its arrival and hopeless about the future.

This is simply not true.

No, we do not have to endure a “long dark winter.”

No, we are not entering “the darkest Christmas season of our lifetime.”

Why?  Because of our ability to bring light to all situations!

Light casts out the darkness, and the darkness has no power to take out the light.

Think about it…. remember holding the candle in the gym?  Now imagine opening the curtain of the stage at the end of the gym.  By doing so, we “added” more darkness to the room.  We expanded the size of the room by introducing the space of the dark stage.  However, even with the additional darkness, nothing was taken away from the light of the candle!  So, imagine if we light a second candle, and then a third… a fourth, a fifth.  Soon the expanding light fills the space until everything is exposed. 

This is exactly what happens in your world and mine.  At every moment of every day, we are faced with the option to emphasize the darkness or to add light to the world.  We can perpetuate fear and hate, or we can offer love and light.  Let’s choose to increase the light. 

I believe that we are heading into the brightest season ever!

It’s not because any particular candidate won the presidency.

It’s not because there is a vaccine on the horizon.

It’s because more and more people are being awakened to the power of the Light!

How will you illuminate the world?

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