Enneagram Homeschool Parents Private Coaching

Illuminate Life Studio

Use the Enneagram for Homeschool Success!

Knowing your Enneagram can help you be your best as a homeschool parent.

Your level of self understanding directly impacts every area of life, but especially your relationships. As a homeschooling parent, the foundation of success is love and trust, but let’s be honest... we often get in our own way and make things harder than they should be. This is most often because we let frustrations & fears get the best of us, and we don’t know what to do with the disappointment when we/our kids don’t live up to our ideals. As you understand yourself in light of your Enneagram number, you’ll not only be able to provide your best when homeschooling your children, you’ll create a stronger bond of love and trust with your kids! You’ll reap those benefits forever!

In this 2-3 hour private coaching session you will
* Learn the core motivations of all 9 types
* Identify the strengths you’ll bring to your kids in homeschool
* Learn to identify your unique pitfalls,  destructive thoughts and behaviors and how to change course before they derail you or create relationship strife between you and your family


  • 1 Session (Online – Zoom) 3 hours
  • The Enneagram Inventory
  • Downloadable Guide Sheet
  • All Nine Types
  • Also available as Group Coaching

Kristi will contact you to schedule.


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